About ThinksMore

In recent years, the problems of water pollution have become more and more serious. Many people can only buy water purifiers from the relief, but they often face the need to replace the consumable filters. These replacement filter cartridges not only waste but also create environmental pollutions. Mr. Kuo, the chairman of ThinksMore company, which has been engaged in water treatment for more than 40 years, said that ThinksMore has developed a circular plate-type ultrafiltration membrane filtration system, which can be more efficient. Quickly filter impurities and harmful substances in water, and ultrafiltration membrane is not easy to clog, can be cleaned and reused for more than five years. Significant savings in the cost of water purifier filter replacement. It is a revolutionary new type of whole house water purification product, and worth being applied.
【About ThinksMore】 ThinksMore was established in 2002, and the headquarters are located in Taiwan. We dedicate to developing water purification technology, and successfully developed unique “nano-grade unblocked circular plate filtering membrane”, which obtained more than 40 invention patents over the world (EU, U.S., China, Taiwan, Japan). Our products do not need to use electricity and no water wasted. It has several irreplaceable advantages, such as: excellent water permeability to purified water and small size of our product. According to various tests, compare to other traditional ultrafiltration membranes, ThinksMore’s membrane is more convenient and efficient. Through the nano-grade tiny pores on the membrane, it can filter bacteria, E. coli, rust, industrial pollution (industrial colloid), and sand etc. and keep good beneficial minerals and trace elements in water.
【 Is Tap water safe enough? Does water in the house need such comprehensive protection?】
Water plant filtration system mainly consists of coagulation sedimentation, filtration, disinfection and other conventional treatment processes, which are then directly transported to users through urban water pipelines. Secondary water supply can easily cause secondary pollution through transmission and storage facilities (such as reservoirs, tanks, pipes, valves, pumps and many other links). Because these facilities are easily affected by external materials, and there are also problems of disrepair, unreasonable design, aging equipment, improper use, etc. More importantly, the proportion of water consumption per day in general households, more than 99% is domestic water, such as brushing, washing, kitchen water, laundry, bathing, household cleaning water, etc., less than 1% is drinking water. Therefore, to provide safe water environment at home, only the whole house clean water is the fundamental way to solve the problem.

【 Why does ThinksMore focus on whole house purification system? 】

For those who are pursuing a healthy and high-quality life, it is not enough to install a kitchen water purifier for drinking. The whole house water purification is to ensure that the water from all the taps in the home is sterile water quality. It not only completely solves the safety and health problems of drinking water, but also brings all kinds of daily washing and bathing. In recent years, many water purification companies have begun to introduce whole-house water purification systems, and the market acceptance is also high, but it is limited by factors such as too high price, too frequent and expensive filter replacement, insufficient water delivery speed, and not easy to install. Therefore, the current whole-house water purification system market is mainly in the demand for new installations in some metropolitan areas. However, with the further increase in user acceptance and the continuous improvement of the whole house water purification products, the whole house water purification will become a new growth point in the water purification market.

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